James & Emma Woodwark

We met Anabela in 2011 whilst hunting for childcare for our first daughter, Lyra. We were looking in the West Norwood/West Dulwich area as it was close to work, but we had not had any joy in sourcing a nursery due to the heavy over-subscription. We look back and feel very fortunate we found Anabela and that all of our daughters were able to experience in the warm, loving environment that she and her team provided.

The setting is such that the children are able to mix with a variety of ages and thus the older ones learn to be aware of and play appropriately with the smaller children. Since Lyra joined, in 2011, both Carina in 2012, and Imogen, in 2014 have followed. Each of our children formed strong bonds with all the staff. It has been a rarity that our daughters have clung to us on dropping them off, and never do they run out the door at the end of the day.

The staff that Anabela has employed have all added to the ethos. It has always been comforting to know that the staff are put on the NVQ Childcare courses to obtain their certificates. This shows the commitment that both Anabela makes to her staff and the children in their care, as well as professionalism with which she runs her business. The grass has never been allowed to grow under their feet, with adjustments and tweaks made to improve the experience of the children. Anabela has always welcomed suggestions from parents and actively seeks it.

Communication and discussion with parents has never been a problem, staff always find time to talk about the children's progress and any concerns they or we may have. In addition review meetings are organised to look at the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) attainments and for mutual feedback. Phone calls are made to reassure about bumps, knocks, rashes, spots and temperatures. And the Health and Safety Executive/NHS England guidelines are referred to and followed.

We feel that our children have been given a great start though their attendance to Anabela Day Care Nursery. When our eldest, Lyra, moved on to an independent school the staff there were very impressed with her ability to converse with adults, sit calmly and quietly, and follow instructions; qualities we give credit to Anabela and her team for instilling.

We have moved to the country and as a result have had to remove our youngest daughters from Anabela's. When it came leaving, after 4 years, it was a very emotional experience for the whole family. We do not think of Anabela and her team as people we employed to care for our children but as friends. Choosing someone to care for our children from under a year old was the biggest decision that we have ever made - We are confident that we made an excellent choice and if we had our time over would choose Anabela again.

Felisberta Handem

Our daughter has attended Anabela Day Care Nursery for just over 2 years now.

The nursery was recommended to us by an acquaintance who had a child attending there. They had said that they were very satisfied by the care provided at Anabela's.

During the first few days of Celine joining the nursery i was kept informed and updated via text messaging which reported on how my daughter was settling in.

Since then, i can sincerely say that i have never had a day when i have been concerned or worried about the care she is receiving.

The staff are very polite, helpful and approachable. My daughter bonded well with all staff and the other children at the nursery. At the end of each day when picking up, she always appears content and wants to go back the next day. Whenever she speaks about the staff and her friends at the nursery, she appears happy and cheerful. I fully trust the staff at the nursery.

In terms of her development, my daughter is very advanced for her age and i believe this is partially due to the learning activities provided to the children at the nursery.

On a daily basis she is provided with varied learning tools to expand her learning opportunities and build her confidence.

The nursery provide a daily report advising about my daughter's activities and interaction, her mood as well as feeding and other daily needs. This is an excellent way of keeping informed.

Overall i think Anabela's deserve a five star rating in terms of quality of care provided and i feel the staff are second to none.

My daughter is sad to be leaving the nursery and i am sure she will deeply miss everyone there.

I would like to say and enormous thank you to all the staff at Anabela's for the priceless care you provide our children.

Tim Gee

Dear Ana Bela

I just want to write and thank you, Maria, Guida, Cynthia, Irina and Nelia for looking after Millie so well these past 4 years. Sarah and i have never been anything but very happy with our decision to send Millie into your care and i sincerely wish you all the best and hope we can occasionally pop by and say hello, i know Millie will miss you all very much.

Anne & Chris Lawson

We have known Ana Bela since March 2009 and she has looked after our daughter on babysitting basis until her official registration as childminder in January 2010. We went to visit a number of childminders and childcare settings in around our area in SE27, SE19 and SE21, as well as all local nurseries. After meeting Ana Bela , both of us immediately felt like she is the right person to look after our precious daughter and we have not looked back since. Ana Bela has a warm and caring personality and she is natural with children. She is someone we could trust from day one, and we just had the right feeling about her. We have been so lucky to have found such a lovely person as Maria’s first childminder.

As to her working practices, Ana Bela ensures that she is always 100% up to date with all childcare requirements. She takes great pride in her work and goes far and above what most child carer’s do.

Ana Bela encourages every child to develop at their own pace and she nurtures the strengths of each individual. Ana Bela is very conscious about the multicultural society we live in, and even though her setting facility is English speaking, she understands the bilingual background of a number of children these days, and teaches children about various cultures, religious and languages. Last but not least, Ana Bela is an excellent cook, and provides healthy nutritious and tasty food for the children. Maria has learned to love Ana Bela’s cooking.

We would like to give our best recommendations to any parents and ensure that you cannot find a better childminder in London!


Deciding on childcare has got to be one of the toughest decisions we've had to make as parents so far. But as soon as I met Ana-Bela and Maria, I knew they were the right choice for us. They were both so naturally warm and loving with Louie and he was happy and at ease in their company straight away.

The settling in period was handled very well. It gave me a chance to spend time inside the nursery and get a real feel for the place. I felt comfortable leaving Louie by the time it came to it as I knew he was in safe hands.

The nursery is a colourful and clean environment. I love the daily updates that Louie comes home with - so I can see what kind of a day he's had including food, nappies and what fun they've had that day!

I would (and have) recommend Ana-Bela and her lovely team to my friends with children of all ages. A great choice!

B. Taylor

Ana bela and her team looked after my little son from 9 months old to 23 months and they have done a fantastic job. Ana bela was very supportive through the settling in period, very flexible with how long I stayed and kind to me when I found it difficult. Both my boy and I found settling in hard but the team worked hard to make him feel comfortable and loved.

He really thrived under Ana bela’s care and his development has been very good. He made some great friends and loved the varied activities which have included, water play, music, numbers, reading, swimming pool, etc.

He also loved the food she provided and he has enjoyed is Portuguese words he has learnt.

We have moved to Oxford so sadly he has said good bye, but Ana bela and her team are very missed.

H. Thomas

Ana Bela has taken care of our son for the past year and has provided him with all the care, attention and stimulation that we could possibly hope for. She and her staff are very committed to providing an interesting and varied day of activities for all the children and we have seen our son’s benefit from this in terms of his development, particularly with literacy and numeracy. Not only this, Ana bela and her staff show the children in their care a genuine warmth and sense of love that I think is rarely seen in childcare environment. They seem to thoroughly enjoy their job and get obvious pleasure from the children they look after.

The house, with its purpose built nursery and lovely garden, is a perfect environment for children to have fun and explore. The place is very safe, clean, well looked after. It’s another sign of Ana Bela’s commitment and enthusiasm for her job and the children in her care. My son loves to go to Ana Bela’s house; it is never a wrench for us to leave him there because we know he is having great fun.

One aspect of Ana Bela’s care that is worthy of note is the food that she provides for the children. She creates tasty and wholesome meals, often from the vegetable patch in her garden. Despite the fact that my son is a fussy eater at home, he eats a huge range of healthy and interesting food at Ana Bela’s and I am always very grateful for that.

My son has made great friend with Ana Bela and her staff and all the lovely children that attend each day.

R. Bateman

Our son Felix was just under one year old when I left him in the care of Ana bela and her team and he stayed in her care until we moved out of London when he was nearly two. I cannot recommend her business highly enough and our son has been so happy since the very first day he arrived.

Ana bela’s assistants are fantastic and they run a much organised, professional and extremely caring childcare business. Everything is clean, organised to educate and excite the children.

Felix has been looked after so well and obviously loved being there from day one. The food was always going to be important for Felix as he loves it so much and Ana bela ensured that he had a healthy varied diet which he loved. He also enjoyed playing with the other children in a safe intimate environment which really helped him to learn how to play and interact with other kids.

I have never once worried about Felix even in the very early stages. Any stress of leaving your child is removed with Ana bela and this is worth so much when you have to concentrate on work. I think she and her team are amazing and would recommend them to anyone especially smaller babies that have not been away from home before as it is just like home from home. They will love it.

Anna B.

I am a local primary school teacher whose son George has been attending Ana Bela’s childcare setting over the past year. Myself and my partner both feel that the quality of care Ana Bela and her staff have given George has been outstanding. He has been extremely happy there and made some excellent developmental progress, thanks to the time taken to nurture each individual child’s needs.

We have received detailed daily reports on George’s activities, achievements and routines which are always thorough and enlightening. We have been able to build on the next steps outlined in these at home which has been really beneficial.

George has always been safe and well-looked after with Ana Bela. He eats nutritious meals every day, carries out a range of stimulating and engaging activities and even celebrates cultural festivals in Ana Bela’s care.

There is a strong emphasis amongst all of Ana Bela’s staff on providing a warm and welcoming environment for children with a rich variety of activities. They are consistent and fair in their approaches and as a result the children thrive and have a lot of fun. It’s a really happy place and everyone i know who also has a child with Ana Bela speaks equally as positively as me about the about the high quality that her setting provides. Ana Bela, her staff, the environment, activities and resources used are truly inspirational and we couldn’t have asked for more for our son.


"We found Ana Bela on the local forum: we were desperately looking for a full time nursery place and we were getting nervous as my return to work date was approaching and the nursery had not confirmed availability to us. I visited a couple of places and Ana Bela's setting was the cleanest, loveliest, and she came across as a responsible, reasonable and trust worthy person, which was quite important for us. We happened to have an offer on the nursery the next day, but after a year waiting, we decided to go with our gut feel and go with Ana Bela's offer. She offers a homely care, the staff is extremely nice, loving and caring, the food is freshly prepared, and the care is flexible to suit your long working days."

R. Carey

Nina began with Ana Bela's when she was 11 months old. We were impressed by the warm and nurturing environment Ana Bela's Team have created, it felt like a true home from home. We are so happy with the way that Nina thrived and matured during her time at Ana Bela's. She loves the staff and her friends there; and talks about them throughout the week!

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