Resources and Facilities

At Anabela Day Care, we believe that a bright, inviting, busy and exciting environment with lots to look at, play with, learn from and investigate, is key to a child’s development. This is why we have developed the nursery to be a setting that children look forward to visiting and one that will stimulate their progression.

Anabela Day Care offers two play areas for children plus a large outdoor area which includes two sections that are sheltered. The environment is set out to encourage self-choice and independence. We ensure that resources and equipment are age appropriate for the children and will enhance their skills. All our rooms are dual purpose, meaning that multiple learning activities can be carried out there, to ensure that we meet the Early Years Foundation Stage requirements.

In all rooms the children are encouraged to exercise daily and move around whilst undertaking activities to promote a healthy lifestyle.

All rooms will incorporate musical activities and physical activities when the garden is out of use due to adverse weather conditions. All rooms allows the opportunity to use and construct.

Outdoor Area

We have a large secure outdoor area equipped with a slide, sand play, music and water walls and digging and gardening areas. We also have easels to carry out painting activities outdoors, which we generally use daily.

It enables us to employ the nursery curriculum inside and out. The children can exercise and gain confidence with their balance and co-ordination. The children also develop skills in interaction and negotiation and are encouraged to use their imagination.

Both rooms provides the opportunity to use construction materials, to learn and explore numbers and letters and learn how to use writing materials.

Bumble Bee & Ladybird Room

Storks Rooms

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