Children's Meal Times

Eating habits are formed early in life, so it is important to provide children with a healthy and varied diet to establish good habits for the future.

Our Nutritious meals aim to inspire healthy eating behaviors in young children and improve their eating habits through provision of appropriate food, role modelling, food related activities, education and working with parents.

Anabela Day Care Nursery offers a 4-week rolling menu and also a 4 week rolling menu for vegetarians and vegans. We also offer two  4- week rolling menus for weaning babies at stages 4-6 months and 6-9 months.

Our meals are prepared daily in our kitchen using fresh ingredients and consisting of a well-balanced and nutritional combinations of vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, calcium and fiber, which helps to support the growth and development of each child. Water and milk are the only drinks provided by our nursery. Children always have access to fresh drinking water throughout the day.

At our setting, children are encouraged to make healthy choices and to be independent at meal times. We work closely with families to make sure that any special dietary requirements (including food allergies and intolerances) are accommodated, with that children of all cultures and religions can enjoy appropriate meals and snacks.

Our daily meal times are:

Breakfast – 8am -9.00am

Morning snack – 10am-10.20am

Lunch and pudding - 12pm-1.00pm

Tea – 3.40pm-4.15pm

Please have a look at the sample of our four-week menu.











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