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My name is Ana Bela Da Silva and I am the founder and the manager of Anabela Day Care Nursery. I hold a Level 5 qualification in leadership & management and a level 3 diploma in Early Years.
I started providing care for parents, as I saw 1st hand how hard it was to find, good and quality care around my area that fitted my needs. for that reason the childcare and the education we provide is very personal to me.
 I have welcomed many different children to my setting for nearly 10 years and love to watch them grow into their little personalities. The hardest part is watching them leave for reception but it’s also satisfying to know that we have prepared them for such.
Parents are assured that they children will be loved and cared for whilst keeping in mind the values of home traditions.
The service we offer the children and their parents is something unique and kept with a homely, family feeling environment.
We ensure that our setting is a good – quality experience for the children attending and provide the Care and Education that meets the needs of the parents in accordance with the children’s plan and needs.
We pride ourselves on the high quality care that we offer.



Do you need help or support? I can help….

For some parents, the hardest part is deciding to leave their children in care while they get back to work. It’s also hard for parents/ carers when they are unsure or do not know how to deal with behaviour, special educational needs and other educational matters. This is where I also come in to help you tackle whatever it is you as a parent/carer or nursery practitioner are going through.
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